Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm back!

After 3 years, which included finishing my radiology residency, doing a Body Imaging fellowship in Manhattan, and moving to Northern California for radiology practice, I'm back on the blogging road.

This time around, I'm planning on making it more efficient, so I can post a higher number of movie reviews. I'm limiting my movie reviews to a maximum of 100 words, with no movie stills added. Just me, my reviews, and my old "Mo-score"s at the end.

So let's not waste any more time, and restart the fun. Can't wait to hear your comments!


  1. Hi Mohsen!

    Miss your humor in New York. Only a true movie fan keeps up with the amount of watching you did while you were in the big apple.

    Looking fwd to reading your reviews. Now time to watch some movies!


  2. Dear Mohsen,

    Welcome back! It was missed so much.
    Looking forward to reading your educating and excellent reviews.


  3. Hey Man!!!

    Welcome back! Just to say that I used to like better your old mojo, so-so faces, instead of the smileys. Put them back dude ;-)

    Take care, I owe you am email on another subject, stay tuned, I'm kind of damn busy :-(

  4. Hey Calvin!

    Great to hear from you too. Boy, what a complement! I never thought of myself as humorous. I miss you guys too, and hope this blog would become a medium to hear more you.


  5. Dear Farzaneh,

    Same here! I'll be waiting to hear your ideas about the movies I post. So keep me updated.


  6. How's Haj Ali Agha!

    Thanks for dropping by. As you can see, I've put AdSense on the blog, and copyrighted images wouldn't be allowed anymore. That's why the old "Moe" faces had to go.

    But I'm open to suggestions! Keep me posted.


  7. Absolutely awsome news!

    I never forget my prime feeling when I visited the old blog for first time .It was stunning!I was surprized and totally shocked after seeing all intelligent comments about a large number of movies that even I hadn't heard of some titles before!
    Thank you for this great attempt again.I know it definietly takes your time a lot , but believe me it really deserved to be done and I truly will be honored to be a viewer and participant in this worthy effort.

    Welcomeback and Goodluck!

    Ralph Waldo Emerson :
    Do Not go where the path may lead,go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

  8. Dear Maryam,

    Thanks again and again for the support. My dear friend John Zimmerman should be credited for starting my blog many years ago, ... and you (and another dear friend, Kaleem Rizvon) should be credited for restarting it!

    So whatever you see here, is the result of your own motivations!


  9. There is no way to run away!

    Mohsen jan, I'm really glad to see you back in writing movie reviews. 100-word review is really a good idea, short and efficient. Saying "I want to watch less movies" for someone who thinks is a cinephile, is like a torture, but every time I want to say that words, something different -or maybe I think it is different!- happens to me and changes my idea! First, your blog which I tried to ignore and then today, a generous friend's deed!

    Take care,

  10. Dear Afshin,

    Thanks for the kindness. Like always, I can't wait to hear your comments about the movies I review.