Saturday, January 30, 2010

Testament (1983)

Director: Lynne Littman. Cast: Jane Alexander, William Devane, Lukas Haas, Kevin Costner, Rebecca DeMornay. 90 min. Rated PG. Drama.

This is different from the usual post-WW III films (The Day After, Threads) that were common in the 80s. There's no huge mushroom clouds, no buildings evaporating, or humans disintegrating. Just a blinding flash of light - and the aftermaths of radiation exposure in a smalltown USA, while the people try to hold together in a post-apocalyptic world. This low-budget movie boasts some very bizarre moments (a mother sewing her own daughter's body in sheets), great acting by Jane Alexander, and Kevin Costner when he was still a nobody. Must have been a risky movie to make in those days.

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