Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hunger (2008)

Director: Steve McQueen. Cast: Michael Fassbender, Stuart Graham, Liam McMahon. 96 min. UK/Ireland. Political/Drama.

WOW!!! An entire feature film ... without dialogue?! Hitchcock made Rope without any editing, and Kiarostami makes films by eliminating crucial story characters. But how is it even possible to make a movie without dialogue - especially when of all subjects, it's based on a true political event? I defy you to watch this visually unrelenting (and at times repulsive) movie, and say you were bored. About Bobby Sands' hunger strike in a British prison, it even contains a 20 minute indiscernible conversation between two characters - and you still don't miss the story. Don't you want to try something different?

PS: Look it up on imdb.com. Hunger won a crazy number of awards.

Mo says:


  1. ya...i was bored badly!the plot,performance and special and unique style of directing (So eager to see "Shame")was so strong that makes audience & critics be silent as a respect to such a greatness.I'm less on words.
    I think you mean that long conversation between Boby & Priest ? I didn't underestand what they were talking ... so vague and fast and because in Netflix there was not subtitle i went and found the script in a website and read that dialouge. It was impressive same as whole movie. I'll post the PDF for you.

  2. Thank you, Maryam. I just finished reading the 20 pages of indiscernible dialogue from the script, and now I'm pretty sure the Netflix version had terrible audio quality. In any case, thanks again - reading those pages help put the movie into much better perspective.