Sunday, April 3, 2011

The "Mesrine" Duology (2008)

Mesrine: Killer Instinct

Director: Jean-François Richet. Cast: Vincent Cassel, Cécile De France, Gérard Depardieu. 113 min. Rated R. France/Canada/Italy. Action/Biography/Crime .

Mesrine: Public Enemy #1
Director: Jean-François Richet. Cast: Vincent Cassel, Ludivine Sagnier, Mathieu Amalric. 133 min. Rated R. France/Canada. Action/Biography/Crime .

A two-part biography of the notorious French bank-robber, Jacques Mesrine (specifically pronounced "May-reen"), who managed to escape prison three times, each time more mind-boggling than the last. The street chase and shoot-out scenes and prison break sequences are some of the most thrilling of its kind, making you strangely root for this brutal celebrity-seeking killer. But there's not much of a take home message here, as Mesrine is as good as any other great action/crime movie - it's strongest (and most attractive) story element being its basis on a true story.

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