Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Man from Nowhere (Ajeossi) (2010)

Director: Jeong-beom Lee. Cast: Bin Won, Sae-ron Kim, Hyo-seo Kim. 119 min. Rated R. South Korea. Action/Crime.

Koreans have an incredible ability to portray the darkest corners of the human soul. This well-directed film magnificently accomplishes what innumerable foreign movies have failed: transcending the language/culture barrier, and creating an explosive action movie with intense drama and an emotional touch, as attractive and enigmatic as the best Hollywood can offer. An ex-CIA special agent goes after a child-trafficking/organ-harvesting circle, just to save the next-door neighbor little girl. Imagine a climactic action sequence as bloody as Kill Bill (without Tarantino's humorous take), but then a final scene that may leave you in tears. Watch and see how that's possible.

PS#1: If you like this, don't miss Oldboy. Or vice-versa.

PS#2: This movie again proves when it comes to violence, there is no concept that can prompt an NC-17 rating.

PS#3: Surprisingly, the Blu-ray version is available on Netflix.

PS#4: Thank you, JZ, for the movie recommendation.

Mo says:


  1. I'm glad you liked it. I always have a rough time with films that portray betrayal of children's innocence, because in the back of my mind I know, in one form or another, it's all too real. I therefore have to say that I enjoyed the Law Abiding Citizen-esque payoff.

  2. Haven't seen "Law Abiding Citizen". The critics weren't too happy. Recommended?

  3. Oh, it was horrible. But like "Deliverance", there is a particular 5-minute sequence that makes it worth suffering through the other 95. I like to call it the "feel-good movie of the year."

  4. Agree totally word by word.Exactly it made me think of Tarantino and kill bill too! but more tough and lack of humorus aspect of Q.T's works.Beyound "Old boy" which was terribly impressive , and"Thurst"from that director,i know nothing about south Korea cinema just some news from Cannes! but seems Korea filmmakers really proceed in violance-emotinal concept over other nations!.it reminded me professional"somehow ,It's was really
    great movie especially regarding to its first work of the filmmaker.I guess "Oasis" and "Samaritan" should be seen as prize winners already(any comment about these?)

  5. Haven't seen either of the two films. I searched for "Oasis" on Netflix, and unfortunately they don't have it available.

    But by the movie "Samaritan", did you mean "Samaritan Girl"? Because they do have it available for instant viewing.

    BTW: Yesterday Ebert wrote on his Facebook page that there's a another movie-mailing business like Netflix called "Facets", and if a movie is not found there, it doesn't exist. I checked, and they do have "Oasis". I'll see if it's worth subscribing.

  6. Your right ."Samaritan Girl"is correct you introduced, i found it in "Facets" too. Thanks for this website . It's a wonderful way for saving time meanwhile your favourite' movies are waiting to your door!I love it. here i got crazy about libraries ! most of movies which i was looking for a longtime are available all together in there and easy to choose ,hold and pick up !I got 5 movies today of best classics which I had a hard time to find them already.The Hidden fortress as you recommended , Anastasia(1956)-An Affair to remember(1957)-The Bell's of St.Mary(1945)-All the king's men (1949)

  7. When you come into this land, you'll see public libraries are treasuries to easily find films we had such a hard time finding in Iran. Woody Allen, Kurosawa, Herzog, Altman, Welles, Godard, ... the list goes on forever. Add to that Instant Viewing on Netflix, and there's no end to the ocean of masterpieces you can watch, almost for free. Unfortunately, residents of western countries usually don't appreciate how they live like kings.