Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (3D) (2010)

Director (and narrator): Werner Herzog. 90 min. Canada/USA/France/Germany/UK. Documentary.

Uh-oh. Herzog doing 3D? No, this isn't another case of Hollywood corrupting great directors. Watch this documentary, and realize why to entirely savor the recently-discovered Chauvet caves of France, filming could only be done in 3D. After all, we're talking about humans of 32,000 years ago who ingeniously benefitted from the cave wall curves to make their sketches look three-dimensional. Herzog uses his stationary camera, sometimes for 10-minute sequences, just to engulf you in the experience of literally being in the cave. Give great artists (cavemen, Herzog, you name it) the proper tools, and they never disappoint.

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