Friday, March 28, 2014

The Iran Job (2012)

Director: Till Schauder. 90 min. Not Rated. USA/Iran/Germany. Documentary.

It's the basketball version of The Bad News Bears, about an African-American, playing the Walter Matthau role, who goes to Iran, ... and it's a documentary. The story of NBA-hopeful Kevin Sheppard, who was contracted to play in Iran for a year to lead a junior upstart team into the playoffs. Of course, this American who fears Iran and sees himself as a savior to these poor Middle-Easterners will change and be humbled, and learn that life is not all about basketball. That part is obvious. But again, it's not about the destination - it's about the journey. Watch, and be inspired.

From IMDb: "One can't help feeling that the world would be a much more peaceful place if ordinary people simply got to know one another."

PS: This is streaming on Netflix.

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