Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Crow (1994)

Director: Alex Proyas. Cast: Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott, Ernie Hudson, Bai Ling, Rochelle Davis, Tony Todd, Michael Massee. 102 min. Rated R. Action/Fantasy.

The beautiful gothic cinematography combined with Brandon Lee's untimely death during the shoot made this a cult phenomenon in its own time, but after Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy upgraded the same material (flying comic book-based crime-fighting crusader who vanishes as soon as characters turn their back - with people remindng: "He does that ...") by multiple levels, watching this 20 years later doesn't strike any chord. Too many close-ups of "The Crow" himself depletes him of any sense of mystery, and makes you wonder how he came back from the dead. Still, nice second feature by the intelligent Alex Proyas.

PS: The IMDb back-stories are probably more engaging:

"A scene required a gun to be loaded, cocked, and then pointed at the camera. Because of the close-range of the shot, the dummy cartridges loaded had real brass caps, bullet, but no powder. After the cut, the props master dry-fired the gun to get the cock off, knocking the projectile/bullet into the barrel of the gun ... Lee entered the set carrying a bag of groceries containing an explosive blood pack. The bullet that was stuck in the barrel was blasted at Lee through the bag he was carrying, killing him."

"The footage of his death was subsequently developed and used as evidence in the investigation into his death. As part of the lawsuit settlement, the footage was later destroyed."

"Lee cut himself when he broke the glass in Gideon's shop. The glass was breakaway glass and it is very rare for anyone to get cut by it. During the first day of shooting in North Carolina, a carpenter suffered severe burns after his crane hit live power lines. On subsequent days, a grip truck caught fire, a disgruntled sculptor crashed his car through the studio's plaster shop, and a crew member accidentally drove a screwdriver through his hand."

"Although he was not at fault for the death of Brandon Lee, Michael Massee stopped acting for a year because he was so traumatized by the incident. He has never seen the film."

"Linda Lee Cadwell, the widow of Bruce Lee and mother of Brandon Lee, filed a negligence case against producer Edward R. Pressman, actor Michael Massee and 12 other defendants over the death of her son on-set. She settled out of court to the tune of $3 million."

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