Saturday, November 10, 2012

Skyfall (2012)

Director:  Sam Mendes. Cast: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Ben Whishaw. 143 min. Rated PG-13. UK/USA. Action/Adventure.

During the past three movies, the James Bond franchise has become almost unrecognizable from the prior 20 films. Bond looks different, he acts different, the villains are not caricatures, and the Bond girls are not just tag-alongs. So if we accept this new territory, Skyfall is a significant achievement; especially after the dismal Quantum of Solace. The opening sequence is a huge thrill, Craig continues the superb character revival he started in Casino Royale, Bardem creates one of the most sadistic megalomaniac villains, and Dench couldn't get any better as "M". Even Adele's title song is one to be cherished.

Mo says:


  1. Once you see the movie then the lyrics to Adele's title song become meaningful. Also, you understand why Bond's relationship with M and Moneypenny was the way it was in the later stories (i.e., early Bond films).

  2. I just listened to Adele's song again, and to be honest, I couldn't get how the lyrics relate to the film. Actually, I was getting the opposite impression, because Bond and M's relationship is quite complex in the movie, with always a hint of Bond being betrayed by M, rather than the "standing together" notion mentioned in the song.

    But I have to give you one thing: the movie is growing on me.

  3. In one word : great!
    I think Bond showed us a new perspective of his character.(my words may have spoilers.warning!)
    He is so emotional ( emotionally shattered when he knew M's Command of shooting), traditional ( goes back to old car, old house, old rifle and old knife as a weapon for fighting most horrible enemy he had so far ,I guess), realistic (surprisingly no sign of nostalgia to his family property as he said in the fire: I was always hating this house! ... very cool) and sometimes weak and needs to be supported by Moneypenny who is as strong as him!I don't remember she was so skillful agent already ?I mean in the last movies.?
    Javier Bardem is excellentand I had a hard time to choose which performance of him is more devil : in here or No Country for old men.?
    Agree the song is really fit to the movie and more happy to stay with New M! our English patient from now!

  4. Unfair to forget Judi Bench. She was superb as usual and I regret to say I missed many Ironic dialogues by her & Bond...need to watch DVD with subtitle.;-(

  5. When I think back about "Skyfall", there's so much to talk about. Through all those old Bond movies, Bond always avoided dating Moneypenny, and here's the reason: Moneypenny once almost killed Bond! And then we have the dark situation with M, where we discover she sold out her own agents to achieve some other goals, hence blurring the border between good and bad as Nolan did in the Dark Knight movies (although I will miss Dench in future Bond movies). And then the Astin Martin, and not any Astin Martin, but the DB5 from "Goldfinger"! And Bond's joke that if M asks too many questions, he'll eject her out of the car! And Javier Bardem's villain, who infiltrates MI6 exactly how Joker infiltrated the police headquarters in "The Dark Knight": letting himself get caught (more evidence of how Nolan's ideas have invaded other franchises). And then at the end we have a male M, in exactly the same office as the old Bond movies, helping everything come full circle. And then ... oh, I can just go on and on.

  6. And I would like to listen and ask please keep going;-)
    movielovers' talk never comes to end ....