Monday, November 16, 2015

Wildlike (2014)

Director: Frank Hall Green. Cast: Ella Purnell, Bruce Greenwood, Brian Geraghty, Ann Dowd. 104 min. Drama/Adventure.

Managing to achieve what Into the Wild did with tremendous cynicism, and what Wild tried to achieve but tremendously failed. The more optimistic Wildlike follows the story of one unlucky teenage girl, whose father died the year before and is sent under the care of her twisted uncle in Alaska. The result: she becomes a runaway, befriends an older unlucky soul, and finds the remedy for the filth of human civilization in the Alaskan wild. Another movie that should not be watched on a small screen, because it's all about grasping the atmosphere, not resolving a definite story ending.

PS: The film's 100% score on the Tomatometer (albeit with only 11 reviews) should provide a clue.

PPS; Thank you JZ, for the recommendation.

Mo says:


  1. "what Wild tried to achieve but tremendously failed"....Sorry Mo ! Objection!
    if the clue is tomatometer , it got 90%by 228 reviews , even better than into the wild and I would agree was one of my top ten movies of 2014.
    But I go for Wildlike too ;)

    1. I may use the Tomatometer to find good movies ... but it doesn't control my destiny!


      Anyway, the character in "Wild" wasn't able to instill any sympathy in me. Not sure why. Maybe because I've seen much deeper examples of Sufism in Persian literature.