Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Director: J.J. Abrams. Cast: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie, Peter Mayhew, Domhnall Gleeson, Simon Pegg, Kenny Baker, Lupita Nyong'o, Andy Serkis, Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davis, Max von Sydow. 135 min. Rated PG-13. Action/Adventure/Fantasy.

Seriously? Does it matter what anyone writes now about this movie? After all the brainwashing hype and advertising, if I give it a positive review, even a MoMagic score, you'd say: "Just another Star Wars fan" (after the Phantom Menace debacle, even I can't trust my own positive score), and if I see negative reviewers (4 out of 140 currently on the Tomatometer), I'd label them as attention-seekers. All I know is, Abrams directed it, and Kasdan wrote it, and I trust them to make a splendid movie. Other than that, we need a year for the dust to settle.

Mo says:

Go watch it for yourself.


  1. Well Mo, maybe you need a year, but I don’t. Then again, I actually know something about movies… Let’s start with J.J. Abrams, the Emperor’s New Cloths of movie directors. This guy sucks. Period. He just blatantly remakes old movies and everybody thinks he’s a genius. Are you kidding me??? An homage is a ten second sequence, NOT THE WHOLE BLOODY MOVIE!!! So he remakes Episode IV, and people think it’s great? WTF?? The movie itself is fine; the girl protagonist acts well and is very likable, the villain is decent, the side characters and old crew are well done and the effects are up to snuff. By itself, it’s fun. It’s good. Great? Absolutely not. Not even close. J.J. deserves 30 years in prison for lack of creativity. I wish they would have let you direct it Mo, it would have been much better. Even with the inevitable teenage girl coming of age sub-plot…

    1. Heatshock,

      On this one, I have to say I entirely agree with you. Well, not the me-directing-Star-Wars part, but I agree with the rest of it. The trio of new heroes and the new villain were well developed, but this wasn't even a reboot of Star Wars - it was a remake of it. I guess it should be setting the stage for the next two movies (as en excuse for lack of originality), but I was expecting more creativity, at least from Kasdan. I just hope the future shows this redundancy was worth it. And the great reviews? It's predominantly hype-driven, just like The Phantom Menace was. Says a lot about the power of advertising.