Thursday, September 15, 2016

Me Before You (2016)

Director: Thea Sharrock. Cast: Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Janet McTeer, Charles Dance, Jenna Coleman. Rated PG-13. 110 min. UK/USA. Drama.

A feisty girl is assigned to take care of a young quadriplegic, and in an astronomically surprising turn of events due to a very convenient plot (the two main characters' respective idiot boyfriend and betraying girlfriend), they fall in love. Watching the mighty "Game of Thrones" Dragon Mom play against type as a fumbling, bumbling caretaker, accompanied with the same show's Lord Tywin Lannister as the quadriplegic's dad, can be considered a refreshing, tongue-in-cheek use of actors, and the tearjerker ending (already implied by the movie's title) makes this somewhat watchable - even if you're not a romance genre fan.

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