Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Top Scariest Movie "Scenes" Ever

For this year's Halloween, I will list, not my top 10 scariest movies, but my top 10 scariest movie scenes. If you exclude all the "jump scares" from movies (most of which are fake scares), making such a list wouldn't be too difficult - because you're listing scenes that have created the most excruciating tension/suspense you've ever experienced, without necessarily being gory or macabre.

So here it is, in order of production year, with the scene included. Would love to hear yours:

1. Spider walk, from The Exorcist (1973):

2. Discovering the truth, and Mrs. Baylock, The Omen (1976):

3. Twins in the hallway, The Shining (1980):

(This was the greatest movie scare of all time. No competition.)

4. The hobbling scene, Misery (1990):

5. Candyman appearing, Candyman (1992):

6. "Hey, come on", from The Sixth Sense (1999):

(Admittedly a jump scare, but still unique.)

7. Samara crawling out of the TV, The Ring (2002):

(Okay, this makes a pretty good argument for #1 also.)

8. The empty orphanage, The Orphanage (2007):

9. Door moves an inch, Paranormal Activity (2007):

Clip unavailable. This clip of the door slamming shut is on YouTube, but in terms of scariness, pales in comparison to the scene I have in mind, which occurs far earlier in the movie.

10. The 16 minute tent scene, Willow Creek (2013):

(Just a 5 minute taste.)


  1. Since you would love to hear ours..This is my list :

    1. Psycho - Shower scene

    2.Shining -Here's Johnny!

    3. The exorcist : There is no one scene I can name in particular.All scenes are extremely scary and very well worked . This is the scariest movie that I have ever seen.

    4. Alien- Chestburster

    5.Silence of lambs-Pitch back scene

    6.The Others - The Seance

    7.Saw-final scene

    8. Halloween(1978) - Chase Scene

    9. Omen II-1978 -Crow scene + trapped under ice

    10. Chasing murder in painting gallery / Finding hidden corpus behind the walls in "Red Deep" that I couldn't find the clips.

    1. Thanks! The lesser known "Deep Red" has one that has many chilling moments. I'd totally forgotten about it!