Saturday, January 21, 2017

Conspiracy (2001)

Director: Frank Pierson. Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucci, Tom Hiddleston, Ben Daniels, Colin Firth. 96 min. Rated R. UK/USA. History.

In this historical drama, a who's who of all the actors who'll become famous in films and TV shows of the next 15 years, in 1942, when the tides are starting to turn against Hitler, high-ranking Nazi officers sit around a table in 12 Angry Men style, to come up with "the final solution": how to exterminate the millions of Europe's Jews as fast as possible. This will remind you of your workplace's business meetings, where the mandate has already been decided by the higher-up, and you're just there to approve (or else ...). Memorable performances, especially by Firth.

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