Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Paterno (2018)

Director: Barry Levinson. Cast: Al Pacino, Riley Keough, Kathy Baker. 105 min. Biography.

Levinson has recently been tackling prominent figures (Jack Kevorkian, Bernie Madoff), but his look into Joe Paterno, the disgraced Penn State football coach who "could've done more" when he heard his assistant Jerry Sandusky was committing pedophilia right under his nose, is a notch above the rest. He wisely avoids focusing on Sandusky, and dedicates the film to what a winning coach's position in the society is, what Paterno was thinking, and in effect, what you as a viewer would've done - because is there any such thing as an "innocent bystander"? The final line ("... you said 1976?") is screenwriting gold.

PS: For a documentary version of the events, check out Happy Valley. It's cool to have reported on the coming of this Pacino-starring movie 3 years back - even though DePalma didn't direct it.

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