Friday, July 13, 2018

Polytechnique (2009)

Director: Denis Villeneuve. Cast: Maxim Gaudette, Sébastien Huberdeau, Karine Vanasse. 77 min. Not Rated. Canada. Crime/History.

One of the earlier films of Canadian auteur Villeneuve (Prisoners, SicarioArrival, Blade Runner 2049), based on the Montreal Massacre of 1989, where an anti-feminist murdered numerous engineering students. Obviously invites comparisons to Gus Van Sant's Palme d'Or winner, Elephant, based on the Columbine school shooting - and in those terms, even though Villeneuve dampens the violence by shooting in black-in-white, it's still too in-your-face disturbing, and nowhere as effective as Van Sant's off-screen violence. Incendies and Prisoners contain significant violence also, but this felt like Villeneuve used it to establish his roots. Okay, I was fast-forwarding the film. That disturbing.

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