Thursday, February 18, 2010

Caravans (1978)

Director: James Fargo. Cast: Anthony Quinn, Michael Sarrazin, Behrouz Vosoughi Christopher Lee, Jennifer O'Neill, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Joseph Cotton. 127 min. Rated PG. USA/Iran. Action/Adventure.

Initially I thought it would be interesting to watch some American and Iranian superstars in a joint collaboration, made during the last year of the Shah's reign; just to get an idea where the two countries were striving towards - at least artistically. The result was a disgrace. This movie portrays Iran as the lowest imaginable form of human civilization, making prehistoric caveman feel guilty. Iran' revolution happened the next year; maybe this was the reason. The film's only strong point is its epic soundtrack, but even that's not worth watching 2 hours of exploitation.

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