Saturday, October 9, 2010

Class of 1984 (1982)

Director: Mark Lester. Cast: Perry King, Timothy Van Patten, Roddy McDowall, Michael Fox. 98 min. Rated R. Crime/Drama.

Somehow I had the impression this was a groundbreaking movie in the high-school violence category. Either the film was weak even for the early 80s, or some movies don't age well: the partially-true story is hard to believe, the character development is poor, and the acting is horrible. And the decision the protagonist makes at the end (which is probably the movie's message) is downright immoral. Only Roddy McDowell has an engaging sequence as a teacher who loses it, pulling a gun on his own students. Watching a pre-fame adolescent Michael J. Fox act was treat.

Mo says:


  1. I saw the movie more than 20 years ago but remember very well at that time I was affected intensely by the concept of Punk and violence in high school and exactly the scene when teacher pull the gun on students.I guess it was too soon for an adolescent to face to such harsh issues in the movie. I still feel that unpleasant feeling!

  2. I can bet if you go back to watch it again today, you'll be amazed what a low-quality movie it was. It gives one a good feeling ... about how one's movie tastes have improved! I got this feeling when I watched "Superman 2" again after 15 years.

  3. I saw it in a local flea-pit in the eighties because I thought Alice Cooper was in it or did the soundtrack or something. I found it boring.