Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

Director: John Hughes. Cast: Mathew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, Jeffrey Jones, Jennifer Grey, Charlie Sheen, Ben Stein. 103 min. Rated PG. Comedy.

Classic or no classic - what's so funny here? Jokes as old as the Charles Chaplin days, where the villains foot gets stuck in the backyard garden mud? When teenagers go into all this trouble to skip school, you expect them to do something wild. But no, not this movie's heroes. Of all places, they go ... to the museum! Or sing at the local parade! Or go to the Sears Tower - sightseeing they could have easily done on a weekend. That's quite lame, even by 80s standards. The humor of this film was completely lost on me.

Mo says:


  1. Disagree with you Mohsen. It is one of those movies that reminds me of my school days. I am surprised you didnt like the humor- even the scenes when the school principal broke into Ferris' house! Remember his interactions with the dog and Ferris's sister speaking to him over the intercom warning the intruder that she has Herpes! I loved how Ferris is enjoying the present not worried at all about his future when everyone is ruining their happiness worrying about what's in store for them. Fun movie with some important messages. You got to change your rating.

  2. I knew I would get some strong disagreement!

    Dear Kaleem,

    When I was watching the movie, I understood why it was considered iconic/classic. It was able to picture how it felt like, living in the 80s. And I'm sure many relate to the movie, just because of that fact.

    But still, I believe there are better 80s movies out there that give a feeling of the era, and still offer a certain logic to the story. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" is one that comes to mind.

    I wasn't here during my high school years, and I guess that puts me at a lower position at enjoying the positive aspects of the movie. So no contest to your strong belief!


  3. Love "Fast times at Ridgemont High" as well but for a whole different reason ;-)