Thursday, March 3, 2011

Z (1969)

Director: Costa-Gavras. Cast: Yves Montand, Irene Papas, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jacques Perrin. 127 min. Rated PG. France/Algeria. Drama/History.

Made by Costa-Gavras, the master of political conspiracies, this Best Foreign Language Oscar winner amazes us how the elements of bringing down a democracy (here in Greece) is always facilitated by a common tool: thugocracy. Plainclothes criminals, almost impossible to prosecute, are paid in droves to assassinate intellectuals and terrorize followers; and the bitter part of the story is, it works. This movie will leave you in despair - another common Costa-Gavras element, or any other political movie element.

PS: The Missing is still Costa-Gavras' best work I've seen so far.

Mo says:


  1. is an ufinished story as it is for any other political activity..but has many particular points hidden in it about the concept of some personalities in the it was maid with old moviemaking techniques due to its time.
    regarding to what you have explained about plainclothes criminals may be that is why I am still fond of it due to recent situations!
    I also think that reform will not be successful easily, no challenging, no open lectern.
    finally, I recommend "Missing" and "State of siege" and "Amen" from him.

  2. I find it interesting that even today, the old moviemaking and cinematography techniques you mention works completely fine for political movies, to the extent that I can't imagine a political movie to be made using modern/digital filming techniques. It would look too artificial, and the gloom of the hopeless situation would never set in as well as it did in old times.

    I should definitely be in search of "State of Siege". I know it's one of Costa-Gavras' best.

  3. I saw Z in Theater here more than 20 year ago but obviously can feel its ultra emotional load which put on my sole even after theses years ...and its soundtrack...its music was really a masterpiece record of all time movies...but for talking more i should see it again by another looking ...i hope first impression comes back to me again.
    I should see Missing too because Mohsen named it previously too and so does Niloofar now...ASAP!