Thursday, March 3, 2011

True Grit (1969)

Director: Henry Hathaway. Cast: John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Kim Darby, Dennis Hopper, Robert Duvall. 128 min. Rated G. Western.

A typically beautiful, rich, delightful John Wayne western. Put some time aside for a weekend afternoon, relax, and savor the beauty of how movies used to be made (and aren't made anymore). Even the corny opening song is a delight. Almost the same story, but a completely different entity from the darker, grittier 2010 Coen Brothers' remake, to the extent that the roles of John Wayne and Jeff Bridges in the original and remake are incomparable. Watch for Dennis Hopper and Robert Duvall in memorable small roles.

Mo says:


  1. Whaaat! Only so-so! I guess it depends which one you see first. I have been trying to get my friends to see the John Wayne one but it looks like the remake will be the one they choose. Oh well, it is only a movie!

  2. So sorry!!! I knew you would give me grief over this. I hope you've seen the new version, but even the opening scene (the father's dead body lying in front of the cafe in a dark night with the snow falling) is done much better than the old version. Making it darker and more depressing connects better with our generation, compared to the uplifting scenery of John Wayne's times.

    Hope I don't disapppoint you next time!

  3. Yes I have seen the remake and enjoyed it, just not as much as the original ;D