Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Somewhere (2010)

Director: Sofia Coppola. Cast: Stephen Dorff, Elle Fanning, Michelle Monaghan. 97 min. Rated R. Drama.

Sofia Coppola isn't the most acclaimed filmmaker out there, but she's definitely perfecting her style. Fixating the viewer on a trance-like single scene for the longest time using a stationary camera, has become her repeating method to portray attractive washed-out characters (remember Marie Antoinette, Lost in Translation). The washed-out character here is a world-famous Hollywood superstar who is actually a depressed loser, struggling to maintain a minimally decent relationship with his daughter (the opening shot of a Ferrari racing in circles is the giveaway). Coppola is obviously offering first-hand knowledge on the Hollywood elite; but my problem was: Who cares?

Mo says:


  1. Agree with you...she has a style and leading first 15 minute of movie without dialogue and just image and camera is a style definitely but a little boring ...the same was in " lost in translation" but became better in Marie Antoinette ( i didn't see virgin suiside yet)
    I read somewhere its award in Venice Festival was unfair and due to bias of O.T.Seems already he made her an offer she can not refuse!!

  2. Although Kirsten Dunst had a strong presence, I remember getting bored watching "Marie Antoinette" (I was writing emails during the movie!). But at the end, Coppola's style suddenly "clicked" with me. I realized she wants her audience not to expect anything wild, but instead wait and fall into the movie's rhythm. That's probably why after watching "Somewhere", I believed Coppola is getting better with each film.

    This has also made me interested in watching "The Virgin Suicides" - another Dunst movie. Hopefully soon.