Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rabid / Rage (1977)

Director: David Cronenberg. Cast: Marilyn Chambers, Frank Moore, Joe Silver. 91 min. Rated R. Canada. Horror.

One of Cronenberg's early horror flicks, which in the post-Sam Raimi era may be satirical or even funny at times. Marilyn Chambers, the late Ivory Snow lady and pornstar, stars as an accident survivor who goes under skin reconstruction surgery, but later realizes (for reasons beyond me) the reconstructed skin stabs a blood-thirsty phallic-like tentacle into whoever gets close. If the story is considered an allegory for feminist revenge, choosing Chambers for the role actually makes sense. For a more evolved (but opposite organ) satire in the same lines, watch Teeth.

PS: I definitely have a soft spot for cheesy 70s movies.)

Mo says:


  1. I liked it...it was ok, never felt the need to watch it again since I saw it in the 80s. It was hyped as a gorefest and did have a few scenes that made me flinch. I would not advise anyone to avoid this, just not to expect too much.

  2. I actually like the newer Cronenberg (the intense drama guru) much more than the old Cronenberg (the gory sci-fi geek). But nothing beats his "Scanners".

  3. Videodrome would rank as my favourite but I like his newer stuff and The Fly was far better than the original.

  4. Forgot about "The Fly", another Cronenberg great, which has quite of a tragic ending. The sequels to that and "Scanners" were all travesties.

    Haven't seen the original "The Fly" with Vincent Price. Recommended?

  5. The Vincent Price one is recommended but will probably produce more laughs than shocks. Althoufg it does still contain a couple of scenes that chill the blood. Price I'm afraid hams it up a bit.