Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Straight Into Darkness (2004)

Director: Jeff Burr. Cast: Ryan Francis, Scott MacDonald, David Warner, Linda Thorson. 95 min. Rated R. War/Drama.

If you thought Saving Private Ryan showed the stark grittiness of WWII, think again. This haunting gem by the director of numerous horror B-movies (notably, Texas Chainsaw Massacre III), integrates the creepy horror style into historical war drama, creating a very innovative atmosphere that in some sequences is almost dream-like, making it difficult to differentiate drama from nightmare. And when we're talking "the horror" of war, maybe that is the appropriate feeling a film should create. Michael Convertino's original soundtrack makes this an even more chilling experience. Highly recommended if you're looking for a different take on the war genre.

PS: Thank you, Clay, for the recommendation.

Mo says:


  1. Although I didn't find this nearly as horrific as Saving Private Ryan, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation.

    PS. I like the new look and Mo-view is a good title for what remains my favourite movie review site.

  2. I agree. "Saving Private Ryan" is an entity on its own. I just thought this was a little different.

    PS: Thank you, Toast - I'm flattered. You can sign up your email on the blog if you like, so you get instant notifications if I post a new review.

    And check my update on the movie "The Imposter". It's free n YouTube. I think you'll like it.

  3. I did indeed enjoy "The Imposter", although it is blocked in the UK on youtube!