Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Top 10 movies of 2012

The year 2012 was such a great time for movies, I was almost thinking of not limiting my favorites of the year to ten - because during the past week, eliminating some movies to narrow down the list was a pure heartbreak. Even NPR's David Edelstein had to list his "Top 12 of 2012". But then I thought: what's the fun of making a top ten list ... if there's more than ten in there? Might as well make it a top 23 or 25 or whatever.

So with apologies to great moments such as Silver Linings Playbook, The Avengers, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Dredd 3D, and while I haven't yet seen some other critically-acclaimed ones such as Amour, Rust and Bone, The Intouchables, and This is Not a Film; just to stick to my annual rule of posting the top ten the night before the Oscar nominations, here's the list, in alphabetical order. There's one documentary and two historicals in the mix (no, Tarantino's isn't historical), but the rest are mostly sci-fi, my ever-favorite genre:

1. Bully

2. Cloud Atlas

3. The Dark Knight Rises

4. Django Unchained

5. End of Watch

6. The Hunger Games

7. Lincoln

8. Prometheus

9. Skyfall

10. Zero Dark Thirty

And my top favorite movie of the year, the one that created a huge population of lovers and haters (but no in-betweens), is obviously ... Prometheus. Among all great movies this year, no other film created such a sense of wonder, forced me to think philosophical thoughts for weeks, or had the ability as a prequel to build a whole new universe upon its original and give the old immense new meaning (what prequels should do in the first place).

Lincoln comes in second place, for predominantly the same reasons.

(No, Lincoln wasn't a prequel).

Love to hear your 2012 favorites, if you think otherwise.

And let's see who's nominated tomorrow.


  1. seriously Dark Knight Rises is the 3rd??and Argo doesn't make it to the list?Hunger games?(I felt disgusted after watching Hunger Games because of the inhumane scenes in the movie.)
    here is my top 10: atlas
    2.Django unchained
    3.End of watch
    9.Life of PI

    -I intentionally dont put dark knight rises on my list because of the disappointment I felt after watching the movie
    -I haven't seen Bully, Zero dark thirty and Les Miserables yet.
    -Life of Pi only because of the great visuals
    -The worst movie I watched was The Amazing Spider Man

    I guess Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty will be the main contenders for the oscar.

  2. Dear Reza,

    As I wrote, the films are alphabetically ordered, and not based on how much I liked them. So TDKR wouldn't be third. After the first 2-3 in the list, it's tough for me to say which were better than the others.

    But that's a good idea: which was my worst movie of 2012? I agree that this year's Spider-Man was a very bad movie - but at least it's bad at what it claims to be: a superhero movie. My worst movie of the year (yep, you guessed it) was probably "The Impossible", because it claims to be something, but then very insidiously abuses a natural disaster to become something else, break a few hearts, flow some tears, and make a lot of money.

  3. I haven't seen most of the movies in your list ...yet! I don't live anywhere near a cinema so it's a rare treat for me when I do. I'd have to put The Avengers(Assemble)as my top movie of the year closely followed by the Dark Knight Rises and of course Dredd! Argo was brilliant too and I probably would not have watched it if it wasn't for MOBLOG! Keep up the great work, your blog deserves an Oscar and no mistake!

    PS. Biggest disappointment for me was Prometheus. Though I will no doubt get the dvd if an extended directors cut ever surfaces.

  4. Thank you, Toast, for all the kind comments. Readers like you keep me going.

    PS: The "Prometheus" DVD does have the deleted scenes, and ComicBookGirl19's extensive 3-part commentary on the DVD and original screenplay almost works like a very good director's cut. I think she's changed her mind about the movie overall, becoming pro-Prometheus.

  5. Although I'm not getting over from shock of Argo ' success in front of Lincoln in golden globe ,I'm still think Lincoln might overcome competitors in Oscar for best picture.
    I haven't seen most of movies you've brought in your list yet & should wait for DVD coming out(having hard time going cinema) ,then as usual ,give me time for bringing my list before my deadline!( the night before Academy Awards)
    Anyway I'm sure Dark night rises& Lincoln from your list take place in my list and without watching I guess ,Zero Dark Thirty will be. I didn't affected by Hunger Game as you did ,however ,no doubt it was a good movie. Skyfall ,Promoteous was awesome but I would like to give other unseen movies the chance! . I'm not sure about Argo. I should see it in spite of loving Ben Afleck' works in the past.
    And my worst movie of year was Tedd. Wasted totally my time !
    Like other followers Thanks for keep going your work

  6. Thank you, dear Maryam. Waiting for your top 10 list.