Friday, September 27, 2013

Rush (2013)

Director: Ron Howard. Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara. 123 min. Rated R. USA/Germany/UK. Biography/Action.

Ron Howard's latest venture into car chases (after 1977's Grand Theft Auto), works like a sinus wave. The first half, the true-story rivalry of two world-champion racers, is mostly about the race; not the driver. Then midway through, one driver is seriously injured, and while he struggles to get back into the race, the drama's emotional stakes suddenly shoot sky high. Then, there's a final scene that dumbs everything down so low, it ruins the past two-hour fun of breathtaking 70's style grainy cinematography, and Hans Zimmer's thrilling music. If Howard could've only left out that one final scene out...

Confession: Ron Howard is a good director. But look at his past works. Splash, Cocoon, Willow, Backdraft, Far and Away, The Paper, Apollo 13, Ransom, The DaVinci Code. All good movies, but as Kenneth Turan of the LA Times says about Rush: "... it has style, but lacks a heart." I can make the same claim about almost all of Howard's movies - except for A Beautiful Mind, which does have a heart, but that credit mainly goes to Jennifer Connelly's performance, and not necessarily Howard's direction.

Mo says:


  1. PS !Let me confess that Far &away is one of most lovely movie I watched ,not once , multiple times. I know it failed to get positive critics' view maybe but I think it was full of heart and feeling. also about Beautiful mind I agree that Jeniffer clonney had a crucial role in beauty of work but I loved the way story was presented and that shocking moment at turning point and honesty I believe the directing was astonished.

    1. I knew my post would create disagreements. Spielberg and Howard both try to take us to other worlds and fantasies. I've always enjoyed Ron Howard movies, but never "believed" in him. His movies have never lingered with me - except the one mentioned above. And I don't know why.