Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Bay (2012)

Director: Barry Levinson. Cast: Will Rogers, Kristen Connolly, Kether Donohue. 84 min. Rated R. Horror/Sci-fi.

Chesapeake Bay town is invaded by mutant parasites who eat human flesh... from inside-out. This ecological disaster movie, with the already well-trodden style of "found footage" compilation from shaking cameras (where somebody yells: "Can you turn the damn camera off?!!!", while someone's neck explodes), tries to inject fear into the viewer through grisly imagery; not realizing the short-term effect of preaching environmental morals (or any kind of morals) by using scare tactics. And similar to Contagion, it focuses on a single medical catastrophe, with no story whatsoever. I try to avoid bottled water, but not because of movies like this.

PS: What happened to the Barry Levinson who used to make movies like Rain Man, Avalon, Sleepers, Bugsy, and Good Morning Vietnam?

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