Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

Director: Bryan Singer. Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor, Eddie Marsan, Ian McShane, Bill Nighy. 114 min. Rated PG-13. Adventure/Fantasy.

They once used to make movies of similar titles, where giants were Ray Harryhausen's claymations, and were fun because we weren't expected to believe them as real. Nowadays, some believe CGI effects have become so sophisticated, they think they can make giants look real, but they really can't, so the whole thing becomes a mess. You don't know whether the director wants us to believe this as real, or have fun with it as fake. In this setting, even the king and his court look like caricatures, and again, we don't know how to treat them. Just a big mess.

PS: Shocked to see this was the same director who made The Usual Suspects, Apt Pupil, and the X-Men movies.

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