Thursday, July 10, 2014

It (1990)

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace. Cast: Richard Thomas, Tim Curry, Emily Perkins, Seth Green, John Ritter. 192 min. Not Rated. USA/Canada. Horror/Mystery.

I know this was presented as a TV miniseries, and I only watched it because it's based on a (yet unread by me) Stephen King novel. But boy ... was I in for a surprise. The casting, acting, and directing are ruthless to the viewer beyond imagination, and the story climax is so incredibly lame, it made me highly doubt this was how King intended it be. There's a very good reason why some actors can't make the jump from TV to movies, and this piece of moving pictures acts as a template.

Mo says:


  1. I saw this years ago and I hated it too and have to say the book was not one of King's better efforts. It had some great moments but also some very dull and pointless chapters!

    1. I was thinking about reading the book after seeing the movie was so horrible, but now that you say so ...

  2. The book is far superior to the movie but it's not great. I far prefer Misery and Pet Sematary.

  3. Haven't read "Misery", but loved the movie. "Pet Sematary" the book (in my opinion one of King's darkest) was far better than the movie.