Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Brief History of Time (1991)

Director: Errol Morris. 88 min. Rated G. UK/Japan/USA. Documentary.

Amazing how whenever I think "this is why movies are made", it's on the occasion of a film that materializes on-screen the wildest fantasy, scientific or sci-fi phenomenon. Here we have a film about a man, our greatest living mind, interspersed with schematics and animations about his far-reaching theories about the universe, while family and friends offer perspectives on what a 'normal' guy he is. And of all genres ... it's a documentary! The result, combined with Philip Glass' ever-haunting music, is a picture of fascination and awe, of this disfigured, disabled man. Errol Morris has done it again.

PS: Thank you, Ali S. - if you hadn't pushed me to read the book ... I would have never seen the film!

PPS: Mohi and JZ - you need to see this film.

Mo says:


  1. I think before watching Interstellar , Theory of everything and this beautiful documentary I should have read the book at first !
    Better late than never.! ;)
    Just ordered it.

    1. Before seeing "Interstellar", I tried to listen to the audiobook version of "A Brief History of Time" while driving - but it was too damn complicated. One of those books you need to read the actual book, and think about every paragraph and sentence.