Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

Director: Terry Gilliam. Cast: John Neville, Eric Idle, Sarah Polley, Robin Williams, Uma Thurman, Oliver Reed, Jack Purvis, Jonathan Pryce, Sting. 126 min. Rated. PG. UK/Fantasy. Fantasy/Comedy.

Terry Gilliam is another director whom I have a love-hate relationship with. His Monty Python satires (Holy Grail, Life of Brian) are pitch perfect, and his no nonsense sci-fi (12 Monkeys) works as some of the best. But when he mixes sci-fi and fantasy and comedy, whether it's Jabberwocky or Brazil (the latter known as one of the best sci-fis of all time), I can't relate. Baron Munchausen is one of those Don Quixotic concoctions, and as a general rule, you shouldn't make a fantasy so fantastical and ludicrous that there's no logic to connect the dots.

(PS: Robin Williams' name is strangely absent from the credits. Explanation here.)

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