Sunday, May 24, 2015

Good Kill (2014)

Director: Andrew Niccol. Cast: Ethan Hawke, January Jones, Zoë Kravitz, Bruce Greenwood. 102 min. Rated R. Drama/Thriller.

U.S. Air Force pilot, confined to a cubicle in Las Vegas to guide drone airstrikes at targets in Afghanistan, slowly loses his mind. The setting is supposedly about the contradictions of dealing with barbaric terrorists half a globe away, as the means (easily killing innocent civilian bystanders) is barbaric in itself. But then the movie shifts towards the pilot's main scruple: he can't physically "fly" to the target and kill the terrorists (and the innocent civilian bystanders). So the film-makers seem confused about which is the main moral crisis here. A wasted opportunity to talk about something important.

PS: Nice discussion here by Matt Zoller Seitz.

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