Friday, June 5, 2015

The November Man (2014)

Director: Roger Donaldson. Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenko, Will Patton. 108 min. Rated R. USA/UK. Action/Thriller.

After Jason Bourne and the blond James Bond redefined the territory, tight-action spy thrillers of the 80s/90s have become a thing of the past - a concept that neither the makers of the Jack Ryan prequel, nor Roger Donaldson (No Way OutThe Recruit) realize. So for example, when bad guys falls to their death in slow-motion here, it's laughable. Only Pierce Brosnan continues to wear the role of the old retired dark-haired James Bond well, as he did in Tailor of Panama, After the Sunset, and The Matador. Just not sure how much longer he can keep wearing it.

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