Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Becoming Bond (2017)

Director: Josh Greenbaum. Cast: George Lazenby, Kassandra Clementi, Jane Seymour, Dana Carvey. 92 min. Biography/Comedy.

A 90-minute interview with Australian "non-actor" George Lazenby (accompanied by re-enactments), the only man to play James Bond in only one movie - which some believe is the best Bond movie ever, some believe is the worst (yours truly considers OHMSS second worst, after License to Kill). The first half tells of Lazenby's younger days, the adventurous story of any youth, making you wonder where this is all going. But then the final 10 minutes hits you, telling the reason Lazenby walked away from a 7 Bond-movie deal with a $1 million signing bonus. That's a story worth telling.

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