Thursday, June 22, 2017

Risk (2016)

Director: Laura Poitras. 92 min. Germany/USA. Documentary.

Yet another documentary on Julian Assange. Since this covers events occurring over 15 years, all the way up to Trump's election, some documented by the director herself (including footage from her recent masterpiece, Citizenfour), one assumes Poitras has snips and pieces on a variety of subjects, and edits them into whole films whenever she deems appropriate - which is why this film looks so choppy and disjointed (Lady Gaga interviewing Assange?). There are some good moments here, questioning Assange's own ego-maniacal stance, but that was already previously covered by Alex Gibney.

PS: Of course! I see this on IMDb, after writing the above review:

"Director Laura Poitras and the distributor of Risk (2016) gave misleading statements after the new version of the documentary was finally released in May 2017. In an act of re-writing film history, the official premiere at the Directors' Fortnight of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival was now suddenly declared a "work in progress" screening. This is factually incorrect, since the Directors' Fortnight screening was presented as the finished film, without any additional warning, that changes were likely to be made. This is the reason why many reviews were written and published shortly after the Cannes 2016 screening. Poitras even started to give interviews in Cannes to journalists, for example The Wrap's Steve Pond (published online on May 19, 2016), and talked about "Risk" like it was a past project. In that interview she says only positive things about Julian Assange and Jacob Appelbaum."

More weird stuff here.

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