Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Raw Meat (1972)

Director: Gary Sherman. Cast: Donald Pleasence, Sharon Gurney, David Ladd, Christopher Lee. 87 min. Rated R. UK. Horror.

Fun little British horror about cannibals (or cannibal, rather) roaming under the London tube for historical reasons that don't really make much sense, and occasionally pop up to take down another late night subway victim. Donald Pleasence plays against type as a charmingly grumpy wise-cracking police inspector, and Christopher Lee takes a questionably short MI5 role. While the long slow shots introducing the cannibal's creepy habitat have obviously inspired the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the having-fun-with-the-most-disgusting-creature-ever concept was eventually perfected by Sam Raimi, the film can't hold a candle to the significantly more advanced horror-comedies of later years.

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