Monday, November 27, 2017

Lady Bird (2017)

Director: Greta Gerwig. Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Beanie Feldstein. 93 min. Rated R.  Drama/Comedy.

All of us have experienced teenage angst, so the idea of a film playing out such a commonplace theme on screen sounds dull. Conclusively, making an engaging film on the subject is extremely difficult. That's the incredible goal Greta Gerwig (in her second directorial effort, first in ten years) achieves here. I'm not a teenage girl with a jobless dad and a mother hounding me down, but I exactly understood how this protagonist felt, because the film manages to show real people with real issues. Linklater's Before trilogy was the last time I experienced such 'hyper-realism' at portraying day-to-day life.

PS: Not only 100% on the Tomatometer, but the best reviewed film of all time? I mean, it's good, but not that good ...

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