Saturday, March 27, 2010

Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos) (2009)

Director: Pedro Almodovar. Cast: Penelope Cruz, Lluis Homar, Blanca Portillo. 127 min. Rated R. Spain. Drama.

Another Almodovar project about colorful confusions and hatred in parent-sibling relationships, but this time in a film-within-a-film context, illustrating metaphorical concepts such as a filmmaker who cannot see, a film that cannot be heard, or a movie without an ending. I've always had some difficulty getting in touch with Almodovar's world, and showing the blind filmmaker here feeling the beauty of two lovers on screen by touching the screen, with all its cinematic creativity, is really pushing it. I still liked Volver better.

Mo says:


  1. Well…I read about Almadovar , who is a serious fan of Beregman and follows his style in filmmaking and I believe this!. After watching 4 renown works of him ( talk to her, volver, All about my mother , and now Broken embraces ,… like Bergman’s… I’m waiting for a minute when an upcoming turning point comes up and a secret is going to be revealed…an unexpected and almost shocking truth about something like Parents and sibling relation (as you said ), about love affair, disloyalty,jealousy, and so on . Also an enable disease and then after facing the death as a inseparable part of the plot almost always exists in these films . And in this melodrama,"Broken embraces", the routine triangle ¨lover, beloved and rival (from two side)same as traditional romances exists ,..but still seems attractive.
    (May be spoiler: The item of making film of director’s life in private and making him aware of details of his personal life by watching a documentary movie same as what exactly he had done in real as a profession, was quite interesting.!

  2. Interesting. You're right - that's another common point among Almodovar films: always at the end, there's some sudden twist in the story that reveals a hidden past time relationship between two of the main characters.