Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Repulsion (1965)

Director: Roman Polanski. Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser. 105 min. Unrated. Horror.

The actual demonstration of insanity by Catherine Deneuve here is so strong, I'm thinking the only way Polanski could have been so accurate, is to have experienced a touch of psychosis himself (but then you could ask: "How do you know?"). We're in the psychological genre territory again: If the story told is from the point-of-view of a psychotic person, which part of what we see or hear is a delusion/hallucination? Some of it? All of it? The simple horror of the very final scene is devastating. If you haven't seen this yet, don't call yourself a Polanski fan.

Mo says:


  1. Just checked your Blog after many years. Still up and running and very interesting! I watched Repulsion many years ago and loved it- I'd say when my brain had not yet turned into "moosh" after watching so many mainstream hollywood productions... It's wonderful you still keep up with your passion despite all the craziness of one's professional/personal life in corporate America. More power to you!


  2. Thank you, dear Alireza, for the kind feedback!

    I remember you were once a great Bunuel fan. Well, I recently saw "Un Chien Andalou". Jesus, talk about moosh ...

    Looking forward to your educating comments on the other blog entries. :-)