Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Bridge (2006)

Director: Eric Steel. 94 min. Rated R. UK/USA. Documentary.

The Golden Gate Bridge, an epitome of glamor in America's most over-indulgent state, becomes the symbolic site for those disappointed in the American dream. Interviews with families of people who chose to jump off the Bridge and "go out with a bang", serve as a wake-up call for many who lack a realistic view of life. Among these, the most mesmerizing is an interview with a youngster who actually survived his suicide attempt. The voyeuristic footage of actual Bridge suicides borders on a snuff film, but that's the only semi-offensive concept of this strange movie experience.

Mo says:


  1. This film is for over 18s only in the UK. Which is a shame as I'm sure many younger viewers would gain an insight into suicide from it. The feeling that I came away with is that for many people life is far worse than death. Of course it hurts the ones we leave behind behind but better suicide than a life of despair?

  2. PS The whole film is on youtube so anyone with internet access can see it.

  3. Could The Todesking be the inspiration for this documentary?

    From Wikipedia: Thursday - A motorway bridge somewhere in Germany, superimposed by the names, ages and occupations of the people who have jumped from it.

  4. Even though I believe Europe is a more "open" society than the US, I'm not sure why it's not so when it comes to movies. The age-old maceration of the Kubrick masterpiece "The Clockwork Orange" is a famous example. Or maybe I'm jumping to conclusions.

    For the feeling of despair the youth might feel, I'm not sure if any other bridge would have worked as good as the Golden Gate, to portray the false picture of America people create in their minds.

    Thanks for the youtube info.

  5. And the BBFC are still cutting movies in case we all turn into "Crazies". It's even more stupid these days because we can buy them uncut from Amazon or download them anyway. Seems pointless to me and most of my friends.

    The US is still seen as a land where dreams come true just as Scotland is seen as a quaint little place full of bagpipes and kilts. The reality is the worst drugs/alcohol problems in Europe and murder and violence on the rise. It can be a nice place but not all the time.

  6. And with the unlimited access kids have to some of the most unimaginable material, I guess the whole movie rating business will soon be a thing of the past.