Thursday, July 8, 2010

Green Zone (2010)

Director: Paul Greengrass. Cast: Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Brendon Gleeson, Yigal Naor, Amy Ryan, Khalid Abdalla, Jason Isaacs. 115 min. Rated R. France/USA/Spain/UK. War.

Put Matt Damon and the director of two Jason Bourne movies together in Baghdad, and the formula is set for "The Bourne Insurgency". Not that there's anything wrong with that, and actually placing the high-octane action in the setting of multiple failed attempts to find WMDs in Iraq gives the chase after chase scenes an entertaining semi-fact based thrust. Yigal Noar (Saddam in "House of Saddam") plays an interesting Iraqi villain again - this time as General Al-Rawi, fictionally based on another character from the Most Wanted deck of cards.

Mo says:


  1. Actually, I was shocked of the plot! It was shocking that the American by making such as a movie confess that all of the US/IRAQ war happened just due to a terrible mistake?! Just base on a wrong information ?! Nothing special organization of intelligent service exists that investigate the accuracy of some important news like this before reaction to news? , when this reaction can be an upcoming idiot war with such disastrous consequences.? I can’t believe that.

  2. If you lived in any western county, you wouldn't have been surprised by the plot. Conspiracy theories about the Iraq War (including the ones mentioned in the movie) were and have been extremely common, especially when the war was at its peak.