Saturday, December 15, 2012

Savages (2012)

Director: Oliver Stone. Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Blake Lively, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, Demián Bichir, John Travolta. 131 min. Rated R. Crime/Drama.

Two wild California boys have "scientific" ways of creating the best weed in the world, and live the high life with their common girlfriend, until they run into problems negotiating a deal with a vicious Mexican drug cartel. One of the better movies about drug wars, with great directing, editing and acting all around. After several duds (Alexander, World Trade Center, Wall Street 2), it's great to see Oliver Stone has his groove back. A recommendable movie, only if you have the stomach for some brutal violence, because as he proved when writing Scarface, Stone has something for chainsaws.

Mo says:


  1. I'm not in !. Obviously something less than I hope for,...not as humorous -violent style of Tarantino /Rodriguez....not as serious-intelligent as Traffic or Scarface. He came back to his old style in natural born killer but made a mixture of others' styles plus unusual violence &sexual relation.
    I was wondering How dare anyone make fantasy about Salma after this movie but with such photos I guess I'm still totally wrong!

  2. Well, I guess violence was always part of Oliver Stone's style in the first place, and that was partly what made him famous. Even in "JFK", he really milked the brain-exploding assassination scene to its fullest. That's why I enjoyed seeing the old Oliver Stone of my younger years back in action.

    It's funny how whenever Salam Hayek is discussed, somehow "Golden Globes" are referenced. And that story she says about praying to God is absolutely insane.