Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ted (2012)

Director: Seth MacFarlane. Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane (voice), Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi, Patrick Stewart (voice), Norah Jones, Tom Skerritt. 106 min. Rated R. Fantasy/Comedy.

Similar to Paul, the movie starts out with the fictitious but hilarious and engaging friendship of a human and a foul-mouthed non-human entity (this time a teddy bear), and shows how the relationship is not much different from human-human ones. But then the last half hour tries to spice up the scene by resorting to action (with references to the Indiana Jones movies, among a multitude of other '80s homages), and the movie suddenly loses its charm. I wish MacFarlane had continued the drama till the very end.

Mo says:


  1. We haven't seen such a Teddybear so far.!!!
    he smokes pot, snorts cocaine and uses the "F.. word a million times.
    I had hard time to explain my 9 yr. son why this movie is not appropriate for him &at all at last I could not convinced him .The poster shows a nice talkative bear with a young man persuades enough kids for watch.
    sometimes even in the world of movie I ask myself what's going on here?!!.

  2. You let your 9 year old watch this?! Looking at the ratings usually helps, but if you want a more extensive description of what a movie contains (in terms of sex, violence and profanity) this website is usually helpful:


  3. To be honest with you dear Mohsen I dont agree with you here. As a fan of seth Macfarlane's works(family guy & american dad) I liked TED cause it felt like watching family guy in movies with the same kind of sense of humor. I agree the movie starts to lose its tone toward the end but overall you cant ignore the brilliance of macfarlane's voice acting and creating inappropriate characters. overall I ve seen many different feedbacks on this movie I guess if you re a fan of family guy you would definitely like this movie

  4. Dear Reza, I knew this would be a movie I would attract a lot of disagreements! (Actually, I'm surprised why I haven't received more already.) The same thing happened with another movie, "Kick-Ass", another comedy, which if you look back, you'll see everybody disagreed with my NoMo rating. This movie was recommended to me by Mohi, another comedy-lover. Let's just just say when it comes to comedies, I have a low threshold to give it a negative score. You can take my scores on comedies (and romance movies) with a grain of salt - they're just not my thing.

    PS: you probably discovered why I wasn't much into "Ted". The only thing I've seen by Seth McFarlane, was the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy spoof! ;-)