Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Breaker' Morant (1980)

Director: Bruce Beresford. Cast: Edward Woodward, Jack Thompson, Bryan Brown. 107 min. Rated PG. Australia. Drama.

So this is where the masterpiece called A Few Good Men came from! Although I found no evidence of Morant being the inspiration for the former, the plots are so similar (this one happening in 1901 South Africa), I believe the credit of such a magnificent courtroom drama should go to Morant (made 9 years before Good Men was written). Additionally, this is a deeper film; it dares to delve into the motives of the few soldiers who commit the crime (Good Men cops out by pleading: "We were just obeying orders."). This is an honest movie to be watched.

(Trivia: The film's main actor, Edward Woodward, died just two weeks ago.)

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