Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trust (2010)

Director: David Schwimmer. Cast: Clive Owen, Catherine Keener, Liana Liberato, Viola Davis, Noah Emmerich. 106 min. Rated R. Drama.

A teenage girl falls prey to an online predator - and her family falls apart. Coming from Friends' actor David Schwimmer, I was blown away. This is not a movie that chickens away from such a tough subject. It analyzes how such a tragedy affects every single member of the family and their internal relationships, and most of all, how the rape victim copes or is paralyzed by the event. The characters and their motivations are believable, and the performances are superb all around. Highly recommended, even if you don't have a teenage child.

PS: Ebert does a splendid job here.

Mo says:


  1. Totally agree with you. Good movie and perfect performance especially teenager was very good. We don't have teenager right now but we will ! God helps although I guess boys are easy going than girls but as rule : never trust to teenager... ever!just because of age.
    The most tragic point was exactly not related to the event itself or bad feeling of being abused or decieved foolishly by the victim . To me,It was mostly due to others reaction like school,police,friends and family especially her parents approach that enhance the pressure on her shoulder dramitically and magnify its traumatic impact deeply & it was so sad. Nobody was thinking about her ,about someone's mental health has been dystroyed for a long time , just think about event: how it happened ,why it happend,when?where ?how to prevent furthur event,how to report that,how ....
    *question : the clip at the end belonged to who?Do you have any idea about the clip combined with end credits?it was the family of pradator or just an ordinary family ? I didn't get.Thanx beforehand.

  2. In other words, the movie shows that the only person whose needs are entirely ignored after such an event, is the victim herself. Everybody else surrounding the victim is feeding their own needs of revenge, anger, forgiveness, embarrassment, etc. The victim is left in isolation to figure out a solution on her own.

    I believe the clip at the end is a regular family video, showing the teacher to be a normal family man, completely unrecognizable from any other individual of the society. That's the scariest scene.

  3. very educational film and as you said superb performances through out the movie. I read your review I guess 4 5 month ago I finally watched it tonight. tnx
    P.S: WOW.I just realized the director is David Schiwmmer.

  4. I'm not sure which one surprised me more: how good the movie was, or who the person who directed it was?

    Glad you liked it.