Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rams (Hrútar) (2015)

Director: Grímur Hákonarson. Cast: Sigurður Sigurjónsson, Theodór Júlíusson, Charlotte Bøving. 93 min. Rated R. Iceland/Denmark/Norway/Poland. Drama/Comedy.

In a small far-off Iceland village, an old man, estranged from his brother for four decades, starts a dumb rumor about his brother's sheep ... which mushrooms into disaster for the entire village. As the description shows, the movie and its story are fittingly simple, because you don't need a complex scenario to bring down a society. Contemporary real-life examples show how seemingly simple but baseless comments ("The election is rigged!") can spell doom for an entire generation. While slightly overplayed, this movie works splendidly at displaying that concept.

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