Friday, September 26, 2014

Space Station 76 (2014)

Director: Jack Plotnick. Cast: Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer, Marisa Coughlan, Jerry O'Connell Keir Dullea. 93 min. Rated R. Comedy/Drama/Sci-Fi.

This one is full of surprises. It starts out as a postmodern sophisticated version of Spaceballs, and what 70's B-movie sci-fi thought the future would look like, with some prominent stars (including 2001's Keir Dullea in a small role). Then, it becomes a space soap-opera with no specific plot in sight (i.e., it becomes boring). Then, it ends with very tense drama in a final scene that left me hanging. You'll likely disagree with my score on this indescribable comedy/sci-fi/melodrama. All I can say is, it's fairly new, and thought-provoking. The opening monologue says it all:

"I've always been amazed that asteroids can fly in groups for millions of years, and never touch each other or connect. They're dead rock, so they find their perfect orbit, and stick to it. We also want to find that place of perfection. But we're not asteroids; we change, and that's the problem. The more you try to create a paradise, the more you will resent the prison, and all you're left with is dreams of a future that never happened."

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