Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two Lives (Zwei Leben) (2012)

Director(s): Georg Maas, Judith Kaufmann. Cast: Juliane Köhler, Liv Ullmann, Sven Nordin, Rainer Bock. 97 min. Germany/Norway. Drama/Thriller.

If you've seen (and loved) The Lives of Others, this can act as a companion case. Without spoiling anything, it asks: Remember the GDR Stasi agents in that movie? What happened to them after the Berlin Wall fell? Do they feel guilty, and if they do, how do they cope with their past? That guilty feeling can be material for great cinematic drama - excavated for its potential in Two Lives. The protagonists here act as movie "heroes" do (and not necessarily as most criminals against humanity do in real life), but still, it's a story you can strongly root for.

PS: Thank you, Kaleem, for the fascinating recommendation.

PPS: This is streaming on Netflix.

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