Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Felony (2013)

Director: Matthew Saville. Cast: Joel Edgerton, Tom Wilkinson, Jai Courtney, Melissa George. 105 min. Australia/USA. Drama.

Honest good cop (actor/writer Edgerton) hits a bicycle-riding Indian boy while drunk-driving, and is ridden with guilt in a racially-divided Sydney. Older experienced good cop (Wilkinson) wants to cover it up because he believes in "team" more than the law. Younger inexperienced good cop (Courtney) has suspicions and wants the matter investigated because ... he's interested in the boy's young mother? The drama creates a very palpable moral dilemma, forcing you to take a side, but I felt the ending more of a cop-out of the difficult situation the screenplay had created. Expecting an Oscar nomination for the great Wilkinson.

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